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Dynamic. Transformative. Evocative

Portfolio Highlights

Elena Anastasiou Neocleous invites you to explore an array of her curated Creative Ventures. These projects offer glimpses into her expressive journeys, where visual narratives spring to life. Within her Imaginative Atelier, Elena crafts her Conceptions, nurturing artistry in progress. Her studio becomes a realm of Studio Artistry, where each stroke breathes life and moments are sculpted to define her distinctive creative essence. Notably, Elena's website exclusively showcases the latest projects, providing visitors with a fresh perspective on her ongoing artistic exploration.

Visit Elena in her studio engrossed in a world of creativity and witness her intergrate ideas and thoughts into paint & canva
Artist Statement: Welcome

"In Bound" is a commentary on modern life, highlighting how we're immersed in a chaotic world driven by instant gratification and digital addiction. The COVID-19 pandemic blurred work-life boundaries, exacerbating the reliance on screens and passive consumption of digital content. This trend, compounded by the rise of AI, erodes critical thinking and hampers genuine leisure. The glorification of busyness leads to a lack of focus and attention poverty. Max Picard's idea of silence emerges as a remedy, offering a space for healing and reconnection with oneself. However, achieving silence is challenging amidst constant mental stimulation. By embracing silence and intentional focus, we can rediscover our true essence and reclaim meaningful existence. Blaise Pascal's observation about humanity's struggles with solitude underscores the importance of transcending distractions to perceive what truly matters.

Elena Anastasiou Neokleous 2024  portrait-73.jpg
Elena Anastasiou Neokleous 2024  portrait-69.jpg
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The thinking behind the makes

Since 2018, my artistic journey has been a quest to unravel the complexities of identity, spanning societal roles, the pandemic's upheaval, and the duality of gender within the home. "In Bound" encapsulates my personal struggle for silence and focus within the studio, echoing Aristotle's notion of 'eudaimon'. Through meticulously crafted compositions of geometric forms against serene backdrops, I explore the tension between immersion and detachment. I aim to provoke introspection, inviting viewers to contemplate their own navigation through the cacophony of contemporary existence.

Artist Statement: Text
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