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IN Bound

Lumiere Gallery, Limassol, 2024

In my artistic exploration of "In Bound" I delve into the intricate dance of contrasts that defines the experiences of women navigating multifaceted roles. Against backgrounds of deep black or inviting beige, these artworks unveil the duality of femininity—both its strength and vulnerability. The intentional interplay of organic geometric shapes against these backdrops serves as a visual metaphor for the complex psychological landscape that women navigate.

Muted greys and serene blues, and bursts of earth hues breathe life into the compositions, reflecting the spectrum of emotions inherent to the female experience. The compositions, often organized into vertical or horizontal patterns, symbolize the relentless balancing act women face.

"In Bound" intertwines precision and fluidity to mirror the inner strength and adaptability that women employ to maintain equilibrium while juggling numerous responsibilities. Ultimately, this series extends an invitation to contemplate the delicate balance between intense concentration and the rhythms of a life lived in constant motion.

My intention is for these artworks to resonate deeply with viewers, sparking introspection about their experiences of connection, detachment, and the intricate layers of femininity— a tapestry woven with strength, resilience, and the beauty of being uniquely human.

Peace & Chaos

At The OGallery, March 12th 2022
A build up of work manifesting the quest to identity how many personas we encompass as we try to take on the hectic daily life of the contemporary world. Without a doubt, living in the contemporary world has made life more complicated, but not necessarily more difficult. Technological advancement has made our living conditions more efficient in zero time, and as a result, it has forced us to push our work life balance boundaries too far.  As technology evolves these boundaries blur. We can now, without any difficulty, work from home or from wherever we are, because the online world is always accessible. And of course, the pandemic has encouraged this mode of thinking incredibly.  Everyday life is mirrors the electronic game tetris  because as different geometric shapes fall (with clear boundaries), the player has to  efficiently position the falling shapes and aim to complete a full shape line. When a line is complete , it disappears and the game continues. So, in essence, the game becomes a continuous solution of tasks where in order to stay in the game, one must effectively complete lines. This is how a normal day of within the contemporary world unfolds.

There is also a scientific term called "Zeignarick Effect" which relates to how our minds react under pressure. According to the "Zeigarnik effect", The Zeigarnik effect is a psychological phenomenon describing a tendency to remember interrupted or incomplete tasks or events more easily than tasks that have been completed.

Bread, Dolie, Stitch

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Exhibitions: Exhibitions

ReOrder ReStructure

07-10 April 2021

In this exhibition, Elena's work concentrates around the blurred distinctions between two-and three-dimensional media.She offers a sensory experience where domesticity becomes upend through a subversive, deconstructive process that emphasizes ephemerality and fragility. She has built a visual language that embodies protection from the visceral whilst applying its values to reorder materials. This binary conversation immediately raises questions of value, ownership and conservation. Where does value come from and how do we measure it? Can we, and how do we possess it?

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