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Power Play

Exhibition at Larnaca Municipal Theatre

This work concentrates around the verifying forces of power play in relationships and how they impact both the receiver and the giver. These types of relationships can be found in domestic situations, political or social environments, or even within the workplace. Elena explores these notions or sentiments with the use of wired mesh and the symbolic use of string. The wired mesh represents how complex some situations can be, with the many different layers or folds that are woven within them. The use of the string implies how control can be exercised and manipulated

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Exploring power dynamics in collaborative projects like #clara_ontour.

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Momentarily, I had become greatly interested in control, and how it is exercised between genders, within households and relationships. First I experimented with sculpted hands, and then a photo shoot ensured,  which lead to paintings helped me frame my thoughts.

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