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Augmented Realities

Projections through Dark and Light

Clara, a 28 cm wired mesh scultpure becomes  a living thing in the studio. Her tiny body is projected into a 172 cm center tall figure who could be interacted with – posed with, share glares with, hold hands with. In those moments, even Elena's children interacted with Clara in a warm and fuzzy way – as if they already knew who she is and what she is about. And they caressed the flat wall as if to try feel her essence. Clara in that moment became profound and important, making her way, setting a path, becoming someone both literally and physically.
She became Elena in that instance, and as Elena places her body before the projecting light to interact and connect with Clara too. There are conversations going on – an energy in between.

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Clara: Projects

Digital Existentialism

The portrait is #clara

When Clara becomes alive

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Clara: Projects

When Clara becomes a Worldy Traveller

7 Clara Replicas are sent out into the World to Interact with their Recipient

San Francisco-based Elena Anastasiou Neocleous has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions across the world. Their work offers perspective into a variety of themes in a way that is accessible to a wide range of audiences. To learn more, get in touch.

Clara: Welcome


See if you can find Clara and her adventures on Social Media using the above hashtag

Clara traveled in a time frame of two months to:

  • Italy (the Venice Bienale, Florence and Milan)

  • United Kingdom (Manchester & London)

  • United States of America (New York)

  • Australia (Sydney)

  • Hong Kong

  • Denmark (Billbund - Lego City)

  • South Africa (Johnannesburg)

  • Jamaica

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