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Elena Anastasiou PeaceChaos-321.jpg

Peace and Chaos
The O Gallery
March 2022

City of Larnaca: Podcast

Radisson Blu Hotel, Larnaca

Exhibiting amidst the era of Covid 19, how it impacts making, and what happends next

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anthropomorphic mattress sitting up and having roots of shrubs growing in it

Bread, Dolie, Stitch

Elena Anastasiou Neocleous is a Larnaca based multi disciplinary artist whose work concentrates around the blurred distinctions between two-and three-dimensional media. In this exhibit she offers a sensory experience where domesticity becomes upend through a subversive, deconstructive process that emphasizes ephemerality and fragility. She has built a visual language that embodies protection from the visceral whilst applying its values to reorder materials. This binary immediately raises questions of value, ownership and conservation. Where does value come from and how do we measure it? Can we, and how do we possess it?

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Doing it Differently: Artists to Watch

Greatly inspired and distressed by the world wide pandemic COVID - 19, a series of photographs ensued whilst in lockdown.

role play mirroring the chaos caused by covid 19 within hospitals

Power Plays

An installation that concentrates around the verifying forces of power play in relationships and how they impact both the receiver and the giver. These types of relationships can be found in domestic situations, political or social environments, or even within the workplace. Elena explores these notions or sentiments with the use of wired mesh and the symbolic use of string. The wired mesh represents how complex some situations can be, with the many different layers or folds that are woven within them. The use of the string implies how control can be exercised and manipulated.

power play between gender roles. power plays tend to be invisible to the eye, but visible to emotion
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