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Elena Anastasiou Neocleous is a Cyprus based artist. Her work centers around identity and the various roles which affect how an identity unravels or what it can become within its environment. This also greatly depends on varying forces within an identity's setting.

We are what we are, but also what we are not.  

The work created exemplifies such

 maneuvers as it touches upon socio-political perplexities.

Elena currently teaches at T.I.M.E. Private Institute Ltd.

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Career History

Education and Experience


Business Studies as a Major, and Art studies as a minor

In the pursuit of a more societal condoned future, I major in a business degree at Kingston University in England, while still following Art

September 2015- February 2016

Assistant to Thekla Georgiou Papadopoulou

Trained as an artist, but not as a teacher, I undertook my first teaching job as an assistant to Thekla Georgiou Papadopoulou at the afternoon school of the American Academy Larnaca, Cyprus

September 2016 to date

Arts and Crafts Teacher at TIME Private Institute

I am currently employed at TIME Private Institute where I travel with children through the wonderful world of Art!

September 2018 - June 2021

MA Fine Art at The University of Creative Arts, UK

I am currently completing my MA in Fine Art and will be graduating by June!!

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