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Bread Installation

Bread As a Symbol For Culture | Covid Becomes a Universal Culture | When actual Culture Breaks

embroidered bread, depicting how the break of culture is questionably able to be  stitched back together post covid
Bread Installation: Image

in olden times, bread had various roles; that of survival, an indicator of financial strength, a commodity in a barter societal system. 

‘Bread is often the focal point of complex religious ceremonies – we only have to cast our minds to the Christian Eucharist, in which sharing means belonging to a single ideal, ethical and moral way of life. In secular festivals the gift of food to guests celebrates the sense of the highest and most disinterested hospitality. A Sardinian proverb even states: those who have bread will not die of hunger. So let there be bread’.
                                  Francoli, B (2004)

Bread Installation: Text
Bread Installation: Pro Gallery
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