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Clara and Her Tapestry

When 'Culture Had a Shared Meaning'

The use of face coverings were our front line defence in the age of Covid against the world pandemic. Up cycling 80 of these into a hand stitch tapestry mirrored the strain and tightness of lockdowns.

Clara and Safe Coverings: Image
Clara and Safe Coverings: Pro Gallery


'Culture had a shared meaning'

Face masks/coverings become textiles - a quilt, offering questions of identity and ephmerality; 80 hand stitched disposable surgical masks are still used to protect, but in a different way. 

The use of face coverings, i.e. masks which cover both mouth and nose. These became a new reality and its gravitas added a new dimension to any cultural ethnicity. Masks, surgical or fabric, determine a unified indistinctiveness amongst separate individuals and created an unparalleled obsession within the studio. It led to the making of an eighty seven hand stitched face covering tapestry. Stitching, instead of gluing, the masks together are crucial as each stitch mirrors the psychological longevity endured by humanity in order to survive the pandemic.

Clara and Safe Coverings: Text
Clara and Safe Coverings: Pro Gallery
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