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String and the stories it makes

There is something about string/yarn that entices Elena. It’s long, it can be weaved to create shapes and beautiful pictures. It can be used to sew, to create or amend something, to put pieces together and bound them intrinsically. There is an entanglement, a tidy entanglement when string is used “right”. Under tension, it can vibrate freely yet control-ably to create beautiful sounds, i.e. musical instruments. String can be used to show when something is in process, or unfinished or pending, by just leaving the string to hang or dangle. There is beauty in its un-refinement and it’s refinement. Its uses are endless and boundless.

Journey of the String: Welcome

Russian Roullette

An embroidered image of the inside of a gun, is used as a manifestation of the Covid 19 vaccine emergency.

The almost immediate availability of the Covid 19 vaccine, seemed for a moment in time, to be to good to be true. Advancing it seemed like playing Russian Roulette  - afterall testing had been only in primal stages

Embroidered dollies create entangled culture.Dissolve translucent markings holding onto the meaning it once had. The string’s
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Journey of the String: Projects

Patron St. Nikiforos: The protector of All Ailments

A wired metal cube woven with string and adorned with illustrated fragments of a melted down plant pot

entangled strings within this standing metal cube are reminiscent of everything is entangled and enmeshed with covid culture
Journey of the String: Image
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