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Elena Anastasiou Neocleous

Artist. Contemporary. Conceptual.

Elena Anastasiou Neocleous is a Larnaca based multi disciplinary artist whose work concentrates around the blurred distinctions between two-and three-dimensional media. Elena is greatly interested in unconventional materials that can be transformed, re ordered and restructure within the studio. These materials, then, gain a new identity; whether or not, these identities are permanent or fleeting, is part of the process of making. Materiality becomes upend through a subversive, deconstructive process that emphasizes ephemerality and fragility.  This binary conversation immediately raises questions of value, ownership and conservation. Elena investigates whether these values can be located, examined and maintained.

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What happens in the Studio

The thinking behind the makes

I am interested in everyday, ordinary and domestic items. I tend to question their form as I de-contextualize them so I can reconstruct them. These items tend to transcend from 2D to 3D and sometimes, back again. I interrogate their value with the use of traditional art materials. This intervention can be ephemeral and it usually outperforms the material’s boundaries as well as my own. Challenging my ingredients this way is about engaging the viewer to wear different types of lenses, and within that moment, create a memory that will resonate with him/her through time.

Domestic items are important because they represent who we are within our home; when we leave our safe haven, I wonder how does this affect who we are - do we maintain our truth, or we do adopt different identities and why?

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Elena Anastasiou Neocleous

Eleftherias Avenue 71, 1st Floor, 7102 Aradippou, Larnaca, Cyprus

00357 24 400 767

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