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Sketchbook happenings

Transfiguring Emotions into Images

I like to keep a journal of thoughts and feelings in my sketchbook. It normally involves my reactions to the everyday or, as this past year bestoed upon us, Covid 19.

Engaging one's creative mind is about the ability to make connections between unrelated things and imagine new avenues of communication that may even could problem solve.  It might serve an evolutionary purpose as taking part in this can alleviate stress and worries, and might even lead to a solution.

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Covid 19 and My Practice

Year 2020-21

It's been a year now that Covid-19 has become the central focus of humanity. COVID – 19 is not an illness that happens to one person and halts his/her life while the rest of the world continues to spin. Its uninviting generosity plagues mankind hindering human vitality. It has generated feelings within the studio of boxiness and intellectual recession. A type of patriachy that stops you in your tracks

Sketchbook: Text
Sketchbook: Projects
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