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Covid 19, Ephmerality and Entropy

Covid 19, the Domestic and Lock down Materials

Covid 19 and Domesticity: Welcome

Domesticity and Covid 19

I am currently investigating domesticity; the effect of Covid 19 and the multiple lock downs have inspired me to use materials and media within my own household. I have melted flower plots to draw on them, embroidered doiles, baked bread with paint and dolies, and much more.

Covid 19 and Domesticity: Text
Covid 19 and Domesticity: Image

Anthropomorphic Mattress

The mattress became a hallmark reaction to a state of isolation instituted as a security measure and also an attempt at illustrating the slipping away of culture in light of the global virus. The subtle dolie spray paint effect on the mattress questioned the presence of culture in a metaphoric sense by offering a clear connection to rigid Covid 19 structures and safety rules. However, as solitary confinements are gradually lifted, the stagnant mattress transforms by mirroring pathetic fallacy and adorning a spring like status in an anthropomorphic composition. Planting peppermint shrubs within the mattress is a symbol of re-birth, and therefore this person like mattress brings new life from its loins, as so does a woman who gives birth.

Covid 19 and Domesticity: Text
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The Staff of Life

‘And bread, the staff of life, gives so much more than that. Bread isn't mere food. It's a metaphor, symbol, and summation of a larger journey through life and self-ownership’. Wolfe, Claire (2008)

Covid 19 and Domesticity: Text
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Table Mats

6 placemats stitched together to resemble a cube. A circle within the stagnant box of Covid 19

Compiling an acute geometric shape became the personification of how I as an artist, am only allowed to perform only through rotating cyclically within the stagnant box of Covid 19 during the contemporary world pandemic.

Covid 19 and Domesticity: Image
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Refined Dolie Table Lamp

Such domestic objects become reformed within the studio and this raises questions of value.

Covid 19 and Domesticity: Image

So, Where Does Value Come From?

Disregarded ready mades become refined works of Art

I often find and collect non-precious materials that are mostly  discarded or cheaply mass produced. Their conversion into “fine art,” as a result of my intervention, immediately raises questions of value, ownership and conservation. Where does value come from and how do we measure it? Can we, and how do we possess it?’
This  interrogation of added value after my interventions grant instant authority to the materials entering the studio to mutate at will and whim.

Covid 19 and Domesticity: Text

Sieves Regenerated

Covid-19 lockdown made household items into art materials in the studio, highlighting the power of perspective
Covid 19 and Domesticity: Image


Covid-19 as Ephemeral

Social distancing spurred creative exploration, emphasizing adaptation and resilience in adversity
Covid 19 and Domesticity: Image
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